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Leek stamppot January 29, 2010

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Today I’m making stammpot with leek. I have a great recipe, but I thought leek wasn’t seasonal in the winter. Until someone told me it actually is in season, because it stays ok while it’s frozen, covered in snow, that kind of thing. And since for today I didn’t have any good plans to make something I hadn’t already ever had or something really old school Dutch, I decided to dig in my memory for the right recipe. I just hope I haven’t forgotten any essential ingredients.

I’m not sure how local the leek is, I went to the doomed supermarket and I didn’t check any of the labels for ‘country of origin’, I just decided that it could be Dutch, and that’s fine with me today. It would be possible to make this dish with entirely Dutch ingredients. And for today, that’s enough of the spirit for me. It’s the absolute most I can courageously give myself, so that’s it for today.

The difficulty with supermarkets is, they have lots of cool stuff to eat. Like Haribo sweets. Which is probably German or something. But it was 50% off, so I bought two. And it’s so full of chemicals, and there’s so much sugar in it my teeth will be spontaneously dropping to the floor on their own accord without my consent anytime soon. But I stopped caring about that too. I’m still way to tired to care about what I put in my mouth, as long as there is something to satisfy my rumbling tummy. So I also bought another sweet: soesjes. Which is a puffy pastry thingy filled with whipped cream. Yup, no caring here. I ate them all. Without getting nauseous, without throwing up, nothing happened. And when I passed the deep frozen section I decided I would get Ben & Jerry’s as well. For the sake of really bad things, all the bad things you could probably eat if you dared. And since I couldn’t make my mind up, I bought two cartons. Something wrong with me? Probably, but… not that I really care.

So, to compensate for this bad behaviour I’m actually making dinner. To follow the soesjes. And I made it from scratch. I didn’t grab the frozen snert that’s still in my freezer. I went ahead and made something new. So proud of myself!

potatoes (I used three big suckers for me, myself, and I)
1 big leek
cream cheese / butter
salt + pepper
grated cheese
chopped up walnuts
150 gram diced ham

It’s really easy: you skin the potatoes and cut them up with the leek, boil them for about 20 minutes (no one’s really keeping track, so, make it 30 if you want to), mash them together. Throw in some walnuts, diced ham, a little cream cheese or butter (oh, that is bad, but you did get the fact that I’m not really caring much right now, not about a thing, not even cholesterol, weight gain, zits, the world ending), add half a table spoon of pesto (I use some really great pesto with sun dried tomatoes and some sort of kick ass parmezan in it, it’s from Italy, but… I stopped caring long time ago). Mix well, and finally go ahead and add lots of grated cheese. Some simple cheese will do, it doesn’t have to be fancy. But if you want you can go ahead and put in whatever fancy cheese you want. It does have to be good cheese, not some rubbery plastic surrogate cheese. How much? However much you want! Season with salt and pepper and you’re good to go.

How local?
Potatoes: 50-100km
leek: 100-250km
pesto: Italy, 1500km far and away
salt & pepper: god knows, anyone care less than I do?
walnuts: probably the moon, should/could just be the Netherlands, but it doesn’t say on the package…