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First Celeriac April 18, 2010

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It’s spring and I’m celebrating. I don’t care for winter vegetables anymore. But I promised I would have some celeriac, sometime. It’s good for me, it’s good for you, so why not? But it’s a winter vegetable. So when the sun is out and about and I’m enjoying things like turnip greens and eventually asparagus, why would I ever have celeriac?

Yesterday I was at the local vegetable garden, they have a shop and you can buy local veggies. Which is great, of course. Since these veggies have been grown mere meters (ahem, kilometers) from my home, and that’s as close as it can get. I know that there are veggies closer to home, but they’re grown by people for their own use. They’re being extremely selfish in not selling. But anyway, that’s ok. Because at least somebody is willing to grow vegetables and sell them. And they grow celeriac, too! All winter the hugest of huge celeriacs have been staring at me whenever I went there. But I thought, what is a little girl like me going to do with a big huge fat celeriac like that? When I say big, huge, fat and all that, I mean that these celeriacs truly were the size of pumpkins. Pumpkins have a hole in them, where they keep their seeds. Celeriacs don’t. So what was I going to do with a solid celeriac? I didn’t buy them. I decided against their bulkiness. Which was good. But yesterday when I paid the gardens a visit they had this reasonably sized celeriac. And I knew I had to buy it. So I did.

And today I ate it. I made a simple but truly gorgeous stamppot out of it. You don’t have to, though. The great thing about celeriac is you only have to use a bit in your mashed potatoes to give that just a little bit extra. It’s great, mashed potatoes with mashed celeriac in it. But you can also throw it into your soup. I guess any kind of soup. Celeriac has a natural broth-like taste. It’s lovely!

Today though, I made this brilliant local dish (only local ingredients) and even though that on itself qualifies it for a Friday recipe, I thought I shouldn’t wait any longer. Winter is over, spring has arrived, the sun is shining, and there is still place for celeriac, albeit a little small. It’s still spring like!


1 small celeriac

4 big potatoes (about 600 grams I assume)

1 table spoon cream cheese


fresh cut chives

Boil potatoes and diced celeriac for 20 minutes. Drain them (you don’t want soup), and mash them with the cream cheese and salt. Serve with a little bit of chives on top. Very nice, smooth and elegant.