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Pizza Perfect April 24, 2010

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I promised that I would post something about my pizza frenzy. Now I will.

It all happened a few years ago. I was in the supermarket and I discovered a mix for pizza dough. Curious little creature that I am, I bought it and it ended up on my shelf for some time. Until one day I couldn’t make up my mind what to make for dinner, and I stumbled upon the pizza mix. On the back there were a few suggestions on what to put on your pizza. I honestly don’t remember what it was. I set off to the supermarket (this was before my whole local produce gamble came into play), I bought what I thought had been suggested on the back of the package and I went home again. I made the pizza and I was delighted. It was some seriously great pizza! The crust was quite brilliant, and the toppings were quite great too. From then on I almost always had a bit of that mix in my cupboard, because you never know when you feel like pizza.

The following, on how the pizza-saga evolved, might be quite familiar, since this happened to me before (well, I think the pizza came first, but on this blog they come second). It has everything to do with my untempered enthusiasm, moderation, and measurements and proportions. You can guess it: it went wrong. It went hilariously wrong. It simply had to. One day I simply forgot all the pizza making lessons I had learnt in the previous months. Someone unplugged my memory and it was drained. I planned on making a pizza, so I went and bought the ingredients. While I was in the supermarket I remembered what I had put on my pizzas before and what had been really great, and then I bought it. I bought everything that I had liked on a pizza at some point in my past life. That we shall call mistake number one. It’s a huge one. I did have some moderation in mind, I didn’t buy three leeks, five carrots, two onions and an extra big pack of mushrooms. I only bought small amounts. But I did buy everything. I might have gone easy on the meat, remembering that there are barely any pizzas that have five types of meat on them. But I did get leek, mushrooms, carrots, olives, mozzarella, salami, tomatoes and probably a bunch of other stuff that I don’t even remember anymore.

When I got home my salivating glands were in overdrive, my mind was quickly wandering off to the perfect pizza place and I cut up all my toppings, kneaded the dough, etc. Once I was putting all the topping on the pizza I started to realise something: there is no way in pizza that that will fit. It dawned on me that I had bought too much. I said dawned, because it never really set in. Enter: mistake number two, it’s even bigger than mistake number one. I quickly quit putting more stuff on there. I did squeeze in some tomatoes, and the mozzarella, but the rest of it I stored in the refrigerator. Then I put the pizza in the oven. I was convinced that the vegetables would shrink and settle, that the moist from the tomatoes would help that process and that my pizza would be perfectly fine.

Of course, it wasn’t. My carried away mind had resided on Mt. Vesuvius this time, forgetting all about my dear friends ‘Measurements & Proportions‘. The vegetables didn’t shrink and settle. The pizza didn’t work the way I had planned at all. It wasn’t cooked. The crust was ok, but the rest of it just simply sucked.I don’t remember if and how I salvaged it. I do remember that I realised later on that I should’ve made a quiche instead. Quiche is good, and in case you’re throwing on too much stuff, it’s definitely better than pizza!

I learnt a terribly important lesson that day: don’t overdo your pizza. Keep it simple. After that I’ve made quite a few nice pizzas that were quite perfect. I didn’t put on everything I knew would be good on pizza. Because I do know that it will, but not on one small pizza. Everything put together won’t work on pizza. Though obviously I haven’t learnt my final lesson in moderation. I keep getting carried away. It’s in my nature I guess.

Oh, typing this up just reminds me so much of the great pizzas I used to make. God, I wish this was Italy and I could eat pizza all day. I guess it’s time to make some again. Of course I’ll share the recipe! Hope I’ll remember the ‘less is more’-motto that definitely applies to pizza!


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