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Measurements April 19, 2010

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If there is one thing in cooking that I’m a total loser at, it has to be measurements. Give me a recipe and I will not get one measurement exactly right. If I do manage, though, it has to be something like eggs. Throwing in an extra egg is a little much, most of the time. The thing is, measurements are hardly ever exact. In my opinion, they’re guidelines. If a recipe says ‘one pinch of salt’, and you taste it, and it needs more salt, what do you do? I know what I do, I throw in more salt. If I have to five more pinches. The thing that matters in the end is the taste of what you’ve just made. So exact measurements are not for me. I usually have a little too much of this, and too little of that. And no ones complained, hence my conclusion: they’re just guidelines. Don’t fret about it, it’ll be fine.

One thing in cooking (or baking, for that matter) that is important, is proportion. If you throw in too much flour, you need to throw in too much butter, too. And at some point too much also means another egg. I’m not too exact at that, either, I’m not fretting about the egg or the butter too much. Usually whatever I’m making is turning out fine, despite the fact that my measurements and my proportions are slightly off.

But sometimes, I get it all wrong. Sometimes my measurements are way off and I lose sight of the proportions. That is a recipe for disaster. Guaranteed. I would love to say that usually I’m fine, and maybe I am, but I’m off, way off, too often, to my liking. And I feel bad when that happens. I have some really disturbing little examples, and I’m not planning on keeping them from you. The things that I call cook-ups have to do with something gone wrong in the measurements and proportions department. Even when I’m not sure what went wrong exactly. It separates me from the real cooks. I will always be just some desperate loon trying to cook something up. And then failing. I have many failures to go, in my life. Ah well…


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