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Radish and Tuna April 9, 2010

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I found this recipe and it is such a lovely spring number, that I decided to make it. It’s not really Dutch I think, but I don’t care! Radish is something I deeply and profoundly love. I don’t see how someone could live without radish. The sharp peppery taste is such a joy! My taste buds are accustomed to most of the spicy tastes, and radish is definitely one of their favourites. I’ve asked,you see. I generally talk a lot with my taste buds, we have the most exciting chats! They usually go something like this:
Me: ‘Hmmm, avocado?’
Taste buds: ‘Oh hell yeah!’ and suddenly my mouth is watering, and I have to make sure I don’t look like some retarded drooling person.

Anyway, after a day out in the lovely spring sun, enjoying every single second of it, the cold wind, the warm sun, the singing birds, the new green leaves on the trees, I came home and I spotted a bottle of wine that had been there forever. And I decided I should drink it. I don’t usually drink wine, but I love white wine or rosé, especially on summer days. I don’t wish to imagine my summers without wine. So after one of the first true spring days I grabbed the bottle and I had a glass. After that I remembered I had gone shopping for some cute radishes and tuna to make some awesome food. And that’s what happened. I had radish, tuna and wine. (I keep typing ‘whine’, what is that? Wine, wine, wine, wine, wine!)

First I had to make my own crostini’s, because apparently, crostini’s were to be had. And the supermarket quit selling the coolest crostini wannabe’s ever. The directions included me putting some oil on a cut up baguette and then frying them in a grill pan. But I decided I would do things differently. I don’t have grill pan. I have an oven. And I have a toaster. The toaster has been on my countertop all week because I’ve been eating a lot of toast. I’ve been a bit lazy and stick in a frozen slice of bread, pulling it out nice and toasted a few minutes later. So, I cut up my baguette and toasted them. It worked nicely! I added a few drops of olive oil after toasting. It’s probably not the same thing, but I’m really not too bothered about it.

Next ingredient was mayonnaise. And I remembered some guy sharing a great recipe for a quick as hell mayonnaise (er, why does mayonnaise have two n’s? In Dutch it only has one, it’s shorter, and easier). It uses a stick blender. And since I’m the patron of lazy and easy, I should point out that I own an awesome stick blender. It has four different parts. It whips cream, it blends things, it chops up tougher things like meat. And the coolest feature (that I haven’t used yet) is: it crushes ice! I had to have such a divine stick blender. I simply had to buy it. And I had to buy it because my former stick blender was a one piece number and it was impossible to clean the thing without getting it all wet. So it wasn’t exactly clean most of the time, and that bothered me so much I had to buy a new one. One that could be taken apart properly.

Anyway, I made mayonnaise. And it wasn’t exactly awesome, but I’ll get to the super awesome mayonnaise sometime! The rest of the recipe, with my wine, was just great. And I enjoyed myself tremendously. I felt like spring. And I didn’t have any more potatoes! Ha! No more depressing winter food! Though I’d already kill for some raapsteeltjes again…




3 table spoons mayonnaise

1,5 table spoons capers

2 table spoons olive oil

1 tin of tuna in oil (185 gr)

Wash the radish, cut off the green and the root, throw them in ice water (it makes them nice and crispy). Separate the oil from the tuna (you could save the oil for a salad, or throw it away like I did, I know, I will go to hell for that). Use a fork to mash the tuna a bit. Mix in the mayonnaise and the capers. Add some salt to taste. Slice the radish.

Cut the baguette in 16 slices, grill them with oil (or toast them). Put some tuna mix on the crostini, add a bit of radish. That’s it! And it’s quite alright.

How Local?

radish, Dutch, but from the supermarket

tuna, let’s not go there. Probably a million dolphins died for my one bit of tuna.

baguette, definitely Dutch

Capers, I have no idea, probably Italian asylum seekers

mayonnaise: the olive oil is from the South, the egg was local, the lemon juice was from the South again, the mustard was Dutch.


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