The Delightful Dutch Dish

How one can cook oneself back into local reality

Super Sandwich April 3, 2010

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I make and eat this sandwich probably 5 days a week during summer. It just never gets boring! And it beats actual cooking and waiting for your dish to be done. You make the sandwich, and you eat it. Simply brilliant!

The main reason why I love this sandwich is not because it’s so easy, it’s because it’s so freaking awesome that even if you forget an ingredient, it’s still great! I’ve forgotten the cress, it was great. I’ve forgotten the pesto, it was great. I’ve had to eat it without ham, it was great. I’ve forgotten the rucola, and it was great. The only three things you cannot forget are creamcheese, bread and a type of salad.


Fresh bread, 2 slices per sandwich

Smoked ham, 1 slice per sandwich

Cream cheese (I use Philadelphia, and not the light version)

Pesto Rosso (I use Bertolli)

Rucola salad mix (rucola, Swiss chard, lollo rossa)

Garden cress

salt & my fave spice mix

I use cream cheese to butter both slices of bread, one with a thick layer, the other with a thin layer. The thick layered sandwich is the one I use to build my heavenly sandwich on. Next I put the salt and spices on. Then a slice of ham, as long as it’s smoked it’s good, in my opinion. I put a thin layer of pesto rosso on the ham. It has to be pesto rosso, because it barely tastes of pesto, and because it has tomatoes in. I know I’ve denied some secret love affair with tomatoes, but in all honesty: I couldn’t live without them. They have to be in my stomach every now and then. Because there’s no shortage on tomatoes and because I don’t truly feel guilty for eating them (Ha! There you go, Spanish tomatoes!), I don’t feel deprived, like I do when it concerns avocado. Hence my deeprooted love for avocado’s is a bit more hysterical. Anyway, the pesto rosso is the coolest thing to use. I only use Bertolli because I’m a very spoilt little brat and there’s no messing with my fondness of Italian food, but there probably is an alternative around. After that, I get on with the cress. Don’t go Dutch on the cress, and by that I mean: don’t be ‘zuinig’ (my dictionary translates that into ‘economical’ or ‘sparing’ or ‘thrifty’, but trust me, those are understatements for what ‘hollandse zuinigheid’ is, because it’s radical!). The sole reason not to go easy or slim on the cress is that if you do, you won’t taste it. There’s a lot of competing tastes going into this sandwich, and to keep it subtly tasting of cress, you need a relative truckload. I put on an even layer until it’s green and not much of the pesto rosso and ham underneath it can be seen. As a finishing touch: put on a big handful of salad mix. Really do. Don’t go easy on those either. Use the second slice of bread to smash the big sandwich into a size that might just fit your mouth. It’s absolutely wonderful!

How local?

I don’t care, I’d eat it with a polar bear on Antarctica if need be. And I’d travel to the North Pole to pick up the poor bastard! *picturing myself with icicle on my nose, sitting at a nicely set table, red & white checkered napkin around the polar bear’s neck, and sipping some wine*


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