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How one can cook oneself back into local reality

Winterpostelein / Winter purslane March 19, 2010

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Wow, I might have hit a bit of a zone here. I found myself at my favorite vegetable shop that mainly sells local produce like there is no other. I went there because I needed potatoes. They sell great potatoes. The ones I truly love. I could choose not to live without them, but that would be a bit much on the potato-love. I don’t want to OD. So just to get sane again I look at my downloaded and printed picture of The Potato Eaters. Yikes! No more depressing earth-fruits of doom! And then I go and buy another two kilograms of the stuff. Yeah, don’t know when that happened, but somewhere this winter I fell in love with Texelster. They’re red on the outside, sublime on the inside. And they need cooking before they reach their utter sublimeness. (Ok, I just googled ‘Texelster’, to show you a link of some kind, and I just found a whole lot of inspiration to post an ode to the Potato. Right now would be a good time to run away screaming and kick me into Potato Eater mode.)

Anyway, I grabbed a nice bag of my red little friends, and I decided I would make another stamppot. Because it’s starting to grow on me. I kind of like it. It’s cute, simple, and this way (with fresh, local, organic ingredients) it’s even better than pasta. No it isn’t, but I’m trying to kid myself here, please don’t disturb my nice little ‘I ♥ potatoes’-bubble, OK? Anyway, it’s not half bad and I’m ok with skipping a little more of the pasta, the tomatoes and the Italian (or any other Southern dish that creeps up to me when I least expect it).

So, I looked around and saw that ‘raapsteeltjes’ are still not in season. I started to cry and sob and I was nearly kicking and screaming, but then I remembered I also liked winterpostelein. And they had that. So I bought it. And I bought some cress. And I went home, I boiled the potatoes, made some awesome stamppot, and I was happy. And once again quite local. Ok, the potatoes are a serious deal here, I’m not parting with those (as am I not parting with my favourite apple Granny Smith, which is imported from France). Next to the nice red gorgeous potatoes lie… potatoes in a layer of dirt, obviously grown right next to the winter purslane and all other insane local vegetables that have made their way to my soul, but I won’t touch them. These dirt covered potatoes will lie there until doomsday, if it’s up to me. I take my red-skinned friends home. Pah!

Anyway, the stamppot I made was great. So I might be back, but only a little, you never know what happens next week.


potatoes, 400 grams

winter purslane, 200 grams

garden cress, 100 grams

spoonful of cream cheese

salt to taste

Boil them potatoes, cut up the purslane, cut off the cress. Drain the potatoes, add the purslane, cress, creamcheese and salt and start mashing. That is all it takes! Honest. Serve with some kind of meat or other. Or don’t bother, just add more cheese!

How local?

potatoes 50-100km, grown in the Netherlands

winter purslane 2,5 km

garden cress 50-100 km, grown in the Netherlands

salt and creamcheese probably Dutch, but there’s no telling.


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