The Delightful Dutch Dish

How one can cook oneself back into local reality

Stamppot To Go March 15, 2010

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A few months ago I had a chat with someone who was really bummed there wasn’t a take away for Dutch Cuisine. I just shrugged. I’ll be honest, I’m perfectly OK with the great Italian pizza baker across the street. If he’s moving, I’m suing, but I’m assuming he’s not going anywhere, except his pizza oven. Who needs a friggin’ take away of DUTCH food? Hm? Yeah,  nobody. I’m not so OK with the Chinese take aways that seem to have taken over our pretty society, but the rest of my family adores them. They sleep at the doorstep of any given Chinese restaurant, just to get some more yucky fatty foods. To me, Chinese is like fast food. Too fat, little tasteless, and not at all refined. Well, that’s maybe a bit harsh. I’m sure good Chinese food is brilliant, but most restaurants serve very little good brilliant food, in my limited experience. All I really like is the saté (satay), with peanut sauce! Bring it on, some white rice to accompany it and I’m in a blissful state. Not for long, but it lasts long enough for me to ignore the fat dripping from other people’s faces (yuck!). I also like most other types of satay, the Indonesian satays, they’re super great too. But there’s not much Indonesian take away, here, I think. There’s loads of Indo-Chinese restaurants, that make neither of the food in an OK way, that’s where you’ll get the horrible fatty spring rolls etc.

Anyway, my friend was bummed. She just wanted a little bit of stamppot boerenkool (you won’t see me ever make that, so nevermind what it is, all you need to know is that it’s gross) to go! Well, the heavens have opened up and granted her her wish. Not sure if it’s any use to her, but you can’t have everything. The great news is that I recently noticed a new take away has opened in Utrecht (yup, it’s a tongue twister), and it’s called: Stamppot To Go. It’s a cute little shop and they only offer take away. All kinds of recipes. So if you’re ever in the Netherlands and you’re desperate for trying some good old fashioned Dutch dishes: you now have a place to go. And Utrecht is OK for a tourist visit, so you won’t be wasting a lot of time on travelling to Stamppot Heaven. And you won’t have to put up with my less than perfect recipes!


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