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Stamppot rauwe andijvie March 5, 2010

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I think I’ve taught you by now that ‘stamppot’ is a very great Dutch word that means you’ll be getting mashed potatoes with ‘something in’. Whatever that ‘something’ is.

Today I’ll be making ‘Stamppot rauwe andijvie’. Because I have been so incredibly looking forward to eating it. I have both great and very disturbing memories of it. Because of the ‘andijvie’. Andijvie is endive. I think I’ve already told you this a while ago. Endive has this very distinguished bitter taste to it. And as a child, I hated it. More specifically, I hated it when it was cooked. My mum did that at least once. And trust me, bitter cooked endive, that’s a reason to jump up from the table and run off screaming. According to Wikipedia, endive is from the same plant family as chicory. Which explains why it has this foul bitter taste. And why I hated both of them as a child.

Somewhere along the way, though, I’ve learned to absolutely love endive. ‘Stamppot rauwe andijvie’ is the reason. ‘Rauw’ is Dutch for ‘raw’, so the endive isn’t cooked. At all. What you do is this: you cook the potatoes, you mash them, you cut up the endive, and throw it in, you dice a bit of cheese and throw that in too, and that’s all. The endive stays crisp and fresh, the cheese melts, and life is great!

I love the slightly bitter taste to it, I love, love, LOVE (oh yes, I absolutely love it) the molten cheese. And potatoes aren’t so bad when you make a stamppot out of them. I don’t feel like The Potato Eaters at all. I’ll update this post to tell you how incredibly great my trip to heaven exactly was.

How local?

Potatoes 50 km

Endive don’t know, it’s Dutch though (I’ve been really lazy, getting it from the supermarket and choosing the sliced endive, I’m so ready to go!)

Cheese Dutch, but again, supermarket Dutch, so there’s no telling, really.


One Response to “Stamppot rauwe andijvie”

  1. een hollandse kok Says:

    The classic way to make STAMPOT rauwe andijvie in Holland is;
    boil potatoes with some salt,
    cut salted beacon in small pieces and cook/bake slowly out till golden brown and grease is leaving the beacon.
    “andijvie” is soft lettuce / romaine, (it must be crispy) cut the bottom part off, then slice tin slices and wash it in water, dry it as good as possible.
    then mash the potatoes, then ad the beacon and grease in the mashed potatoes, mix all good.
    then mix the cut lettuce / romaine in the mashed tomatoes
    when the mashed potato is to dry !! , you can ad some water or butter
    then ad salt / pepper / nutmeg to taste it up.
    And typical DUTCH, you eat it with smoked sausage or a good meatball

    P.S. I know it :-)) i.m born and raised in Holland and left Holland when I was 45 year, when we moved to the USA

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