The Delightful Dutch Dish

How one can cook oneself back into local reality

I did it again February 5, 2010

Filed under: cooking — orangepumpkin @ 19:31

This week, I think, I read that ‘andijvie’ (endive in English) is also a winter vegetable (yes, it is readily available all year long, grown in this very country). So, for this week I wanted to make ‘stamppot rauwe andijvie’, with cheese in it. Great idea, but unfortunately, it was very poorly executed… not at all, exactly.

I have a very great reason why. The reason is this: I was in the shop, looking for Dutch vegetables (grown here, wherever, as long as it is within this country). And they had lots of the stuff. But they didn’t have andijvie. Not at all. And they didn’t have winterpostelein (winter purslane, remember?) either. So I didn’t really have an idea what Dutch thing to make instead. And I decided I wouldn’t bother anymore. This only happens when I’m really tired and sick of everything. Which is right about now. I thought: sod it, I’ll eat pasta. Or I’ll have a sandwich, or maybe even some fast food. I’m just not going to bother with the stupid stupid andijvie anymore. Maybe next time.


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